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Ian McKesson - From growing up in south Orange County to San Francisco, Ian's love for skateboarding and art permeate through his Salon and Artwork. Beautifully burned wood portraits and skate spots. Ian now resides in Fallbrook, CA where he and his wife Season's own and operate Mary Jane North Salon and Barber Shop.


Skate Videos - Welcome to Hell - Toy Machine, Underachievers - Eastern Exposure 3, Virtual Reality - Plan B, The Reason - TransWorld, Life in the fast lane - TSA Clothing.

Favorite Skaters - Tom Penny, Mark Gonzalez, Chris Cole, Danny Way, Jamie Thomas.

Favorite Shoes - ES - Sal Barbier 23, ES - Accel, Vans Classic (Gum Sole), ES Koston 1's, NB 501.

Musicians - The Clash, Tribe Called Quest, Hot Water Music, The Beatles, Talking Heads.

Books - Freedom - Jonathan Franzen, High fidelity - Nick Hornby, The Awakening of Intelligence - J. Krishnamurti, Survivor - Chuck Palanuik, 
A Storm of Swords - George RR Martin.

Follow on Ian on Instagram @ianmckesson and stay tuned for upcoming projects.

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