Hush Ronin 
J. Paul Schiek - is a comic book artist currently living and working out of Southern California. His work has appeared on numerous anthologies, trade paperbacks and websites, including the recently released Road Of Bones from IDW Publishing. He is a regular contributor to the popular webcomic site, HyperEpics.com.


Comic Books - The Walking Dead by - Michael Kirkman & Charlie Adlard, The Immortal Hulk by - Al Ewing & Joe Bennett, Criminal by - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips, Sandman by -Neil Gaiman,  Various Hellboy by - Mike Mignola.

Comic Book Artist - David Mazzuchelli, Jorge Fornes, Ale Aragon, Joshua Hixson, Sam Hart.

Favorite Books - The Graveyard Book by - Neil Gaiman, The Stand by - Stephen King, The Hobbit by - J.R.R., Tolkien The Road by - Cormac McCarthy, The Anubis Gates by - Tim Powers.

Graphic Novels - 1602 by - Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert, Watchmen by - Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons, Batman: Year One by - Frank Miller & David Mazzuchelli, These Savage Shores by - Ram V & Sumit Kumar, Batman: The Long Halloween by -  Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale.

Fountain Pens - Pilot Custom Heritage 845, Montblanc Meisterstück 149, PIlot Custom 74, LAMY 2000, Pilot Metropolitan.

Follow on J. Paul on Instagram @schiekapedia and stay tuned for upcoming projects.

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